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Avis Campbell Gardens

What can we say? The Avis Campbell Gardens — our hidden garden open to the public behind 60 South Fullerton Avenue — is our pride and joy. From the first hellebores of spring to the final cleanup in November, members meet on Tuesdays from 9:30am to noon ― as they have done for 70 years ― under the loving leadership of the bed captains to create one of the wonders of New Jersey.

See committee reports. 


As well as watching the tiny, day-by-day changes that slowly usher the garden into its summer glory, many of our members want to freeze time and create memories of those long summer days with spectacular photographs.

On this page over the next weeks and months we will feature some of their photos, showing their unique interpretations of the same blooms and views.

The slideshow on this page features the vision of one of our newest members, Lauren Zodel.

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