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See also GCM awards. Award winner names from 1926-1986 are filed in the archives.

Awards –Other


Garden Club of New Jersey

  • Yearbook 2021-22 — Award application by Editor, Claire Stepleton. Score 100%.
    Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal 1st Place YB-1 Yearbook (100-299 members). 

  • Website 2021-22  — Sue Young, 2st Vice President and Website Webmaster, and Sarah Stransky.
    Hanover Garden Club Trophy for outstanding innovative project.

  • Triangle Gardens (a CivicBeautification project since 1952). Award application by Susan Yu, TriangleGardens Chair, and Sarah Olson.
    GCNJSpecial Award/Large Club


National Garden Clubs, Inc.

  • Yearbook 2020-21 — Award application by Celia Radek, Editor. 
    Certificate of Commendation First Place YB-1 Yearbooks (100-299 members). Score 100%

  • Virtual Flower Design Education 2021 — Award application by Workshop Chair, Floss O'Sullivan, Florence Leyssène, and Sarah Stransky.
    Certificate of Merit First Place and Overall Winner Award FD-2 (Aiv)Floral Design Program/Single Club

Garden Club of New Jersey

  • Yearbook 2021-21 — Award application by Celia Radek, Editor
    Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal YB-1 Yearbooks (100-299 members)

  • Garden Therapy 2021 — Award application by Garden Therapy Chair, Sarah Olson, and Sarah Stransky.
    Myra Brooks Garden Therapy Trophy #15a Renovated Garden Therapy Program


The 2023 President’s Special Recognition Award

This award honors our webmaster, Sue Young, for the redesign and development of our outstanding Website that, throughout the pandemic, connected our membership with our projects, events, and each other, as well as with the communities we serve. From timely news posts to online Club archives, the connection endures as Sue continues to develop features to facilitate our work.

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