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2022 Arts & Flowers
A Design Specialty Flower Show

Barbara Baletti & Cynthia Corhan-Aitken, Co-Chairs

See photos of all the winners.


The Garden Club of Montclair staged Arts & Flowers: A Design Specialty Flower Show, at the beautiful Van Vleck House & Gardens September 16-18, 2022.

The show adhered to all the specifications of the National Garden Club. The Flower Design, Botanical Arts, and Education divisions were judged by five panels of Accredited Flower Show Judges and the Photography Division was judged by three professional photographers. Florence Leyssène was named Honorary Chair.

Arts & Flowers included Flower Designs, Botanical Arts, Photography, and Educational Exhibits. As the title suggests, the focus was on the visual and performing arts. Exhibitors were challenged to create floral designs inspired by the music of Broadway, the movements of a symphony, the blues of Jazz, and the popping and multi-rhythms of Hip-Hop. There were interpretations of Monet, Matisse, and Warhol in Petite Flower Designs and Collages. A highlight was the Alvin Ailey Challenge Design where six exhibitors given the same components created their own unique design interpretations.

The Photography Division classes, staged in the Education Center of Van Vleck, featured both color and black and white images that illustrated patterns or reflections in nature, as well as an "Avis Campbell Jubilee" class with photo exhibits of the club's beloved gardens in celebration of its 70th anniversary. Three classes of photographs were judged.

The two Educational exhibits highlighted the importance of native trees in our environment and showcased the dedicated efforts of the Avis Campbell gardening team captains.


Arts & Flowers was free and open to the public. Upwards of 700 people attended during the three-day period at Van Vleck.

Club Preparation and Participation
Planning for Arts & Flowers was a two-year process. The Schedule for the show was written by Barbara Baletti and Cynthia Corhan-Aitken with the help, guidance, and expertise of Florence Leyssène, whose contributions were invaluable. Seventy-one Members working on 15 separate committees participated in the staging and execution. Brenda Bingham, our Judges Chairperson, sequestered six panels of 15 judges to evaluate the show.

Division I Design: "Aesthetic Adventures" — 10 classes and 40 exhibits of American Traditional, Creative, Parallel, Multi-Rhythmic, and Petite Designs.

Division II Botanical Arts Design: "Perceptions of Beauty" — 3 classes and 12 exhibits of Collage, Pot-et-Fleur, and Decorated Wreaths.

Division II Botanical Arts Photography: "The Art of Seeing" — 3 classes and 45 entries.

Division III  Education: "The Garden and its Harmony" — 2 exhibits. "Native Trees: A Few Understories" and "'Oh Captain, My Captain': Avis Campbell Bed Captains Share Their Stories."

Recognition from the National Garden Club

Arts & Flowers earned the National Garden Club's Flower Show Achievement Award, Certificate of Merit for a Standard Flower Show with a score of 98.5 out of a possible 100. Evaluators stated that the show was "spectacular" and "showcased the talent in design". Top Exhibitor Awards included:

Award of Design Excellence: Michele Tomasik
Tricolor Award: Michele Tomasik
Designer's Choice Award: Tova Narrett
Petite Award: Celia Radek
Botanical Arts Design Award: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken
Educational Award: Celia Radek
Recognition Award: Sarah J. Olson


Recognition from the Garden Club of New Jersey

Mrs. Davd L. George Silver Cup: Finest judged Standard Flower Show 22-23
Garden Club RFD Trophy: Finest Standard Flower Show Schedule of 2022
Dorothy M. Schick Trophy: Excellence in staging a Standard Flower Show
Myra Brooks Memorial Trophy — Creativity in Flower Arranging: Tova Narrett
Patricia Grossi Petite Award Trophy: Celia Radek
Mrs. Reginald Wilson Memorial Award: Michele Tomasik

Specialty Awards from the Garden Club of Montclair

Betty B. Merriam Silver Bowl/Creative Use of Plant Material: Debbie Moran
Barbara Slockbower Schaeberle Award: Tova Narrett

Many thanks to all the Members of The Garden Club of Montclair whose efforts made the show a great success, the judges who came from far and wide, the Women's Club of Upper Montclair, the Board staff of Van Vleck House & Gardens, and the Montclair Foundation.

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