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Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy's aim is to aid the physical, mental and emotional health of persons in the community who are facing personal challenges such as physical disability, homelessness,  violence,  mental illness, old age, etc. We develop garden-related activities that inspire creativity and personal achievement for the individuals we serve. See planned activities for 2021-2022, below.

Sept. 13, 2021: The votes are in...Garden Therapy is going to move forward with providing a floral arrangement each month to the stressed-out, over-worked, and under-appreciated nursing staff at Mountainside Hospital. We're waiting to hear back from them as to whether there is a particular day they would like to receive them or any other details we should know about it. The flowers will be covered by the GT budget.

Any volunteers for September?


Sharon's Harvest

November 21, 2021 — 11am to 4pm 

We are collaborating with Van Vleck's "Good Grows Here" event by bringing our "Sharon's Harvest" event to the Van Vleck space to work with families who will create a floral design for themselves and an additional design to offer the community food pantry clients for their Thanksgiving tables.  This event will be held outdoors in a tent.  


Canterbury Village

September 30, 2021 — 10:00 am

We worked with the seniors at Canterbury Village creating windowsill succulent planters.  This event took place in their courtyard. 


Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children

October 13, 2021 — 12:30 pm

We managed a flower arranging workshop at Oasis A Haven for Women and Children (Paterson).  We worked with women who have suffered from domestic violence.  See photos of the event.