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Horticulture and Botanical Horticulture Divisions General Information 2022-2023

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See also the National Garden Club Handbook for Flower Shows 


Members and Provisionals are encouraged to enter Horticulture specimens into competition at monthly Horticulture Shows. Points accumulate toward The President's Award for Horticulture (see all Awards.) Horticulture Committee Members are available to consult.



  1. The Handbook for Flower Shows Chapters 5, 6, 10, 11, and 14 provides information about Horticulture specimens for entry.

  2. Plant material entered must be fresh and grown by the exhibitor and must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least ninety days. Plant material may not be altered.

  3. Pre-register all entries by 3pm on the day prior to the competition. Contact Karen Whitehaus by email or 973-641-4926 to register.

  4. Entry cards are available from Horticulture Committee Members and at Garden Club meetings and events.

  5. Incomplete entry cards will disqualify specimens from competition.

  6. Containers for display and wedging material will be provided at display site.

  7. Horticulture Committee Members will be available to assist with plant identification and staging.

  8. Display space limits the number of entries per Member and precludes late entries from being accommodated.

  9. Judging begins promptly at 10am.

  10. Horticulture and Botanical Horticulture exhibits will be judged using the Horticulture Scale of Points. See The Handbook for Flower Shows, p. 129.

  11. Entries must be removed on the day of the competition.

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