Horticulture Division General Information

(edited July 2020 to reflect ''Virtual Exhibits")

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See also the National Garden Club Handbook for Flower Shows 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing construction delays, the Club will hold Horticulture Exhibits instead of Competitions at least through 2021. The exhibits will be virtual, with entries submitted by photograph, as described in these rules. Entries will be available for viewing online the day of the Program Meeting. Plant specimens will be critiqued and awarded one (1) point for participation. All Horticulture rules still apply.


All Club members are encouraged to enter a plant specimen in the monthly Horticulture Exhibits according to the schedules listed in this Yearbook Calendar. Provisional members are required to exhibit one (1) specimen in their Provisional term. All horticulture entries will be critiqued, NOT judged.



  1. Only one (1) Horticulture entry per exhibitor per month while virtual entries are in effect.

  2. Entry forms will be available on the Garden Club website starting the first day of the month or as scheduled on the Yearbook calendar for months when Exhibitions are held.

  3. Exhibitors must submit five (5) high resolution, "actual size" digital photos of the entry specimen: front, back, left and right sides, and top. Entry form must include measurement of overall length of specimen (excluding container]. The online Entry Form contains directions for submitting the digital photos of the Horticulture entry.

  4. Refer to the schedule for additional information regarding any exhibiting details.

  5. By submitting the completed form, the entrant declares this entry is from her/his garden or home.

  6. Entries that do not comply with the above guidelines may not be considered for critique/judging.

  7. Once in-person Horticulture Competitions are permitted per notification by the Executive Board, a maximum of three (3) entries per exhibitor are allowed. At that point, all entries MUST be pre-registered with the Horticulture Chair Deborah Moran by 3:00pm on the Sunday preceding the Monday Program Meeting date.

  8. Exhibitors are encouraged to consult The National Garden Club Handbook for Flower Shows, Chapter 6, for information about preparing entries for exhibition.