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A Tribute to All

A Masterpiece was Arts & Flowers

Our thanks to all who spent long hours

Writing the schedule, finding the theme,

Using Victoria’s portrait meme,

Enlisting designers whose own creations

Far exceeded our expectations,

Consultants to keep our designers informed

And Chairs to insure that arrangements conform

Soliciting judges, training our clerks

All making sure that everything works

Staging and signage was done with aplomb

Informing the visitors soon to come

The Docents came from far and wide

They monitored, guarded, their rooms with pride

Greeters with smiles did welcome our guests

(How easy to see that they were impressed.)

Showcasing Photography, Avis, and Trees

Our teams were masters and put us at ease

Banners, media, and website tech

Brought hundreds into the Van Vleck

A Judge’s Luncheon surpassed expectations

(They marveled at Janet’s preparations)

On Saturday night we toasted our show

Hors d’oeuvres, were passed, wine did flow.

It took a village to make this show shine

You all made it happen, it was sublime!

Barbara and Cynthia

Show Co-Chairs


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How wonderful to be in the company of such talented people who graciously share friendship and good cheer. AND, poetry to boot! WOW

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