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ACG Bed Captains Share Their Secrets!

Wondering what to plant in your own garden this year? Don’t miss the Annual & Perennial Garden Planning Workshop Tuesday, 4/5/22 at 10am in Avis Campbell Gardens. Join Maureen Sprong and the Bed Captains to find out what they are planting this year and get their expert advice on what you can do at home in your garden. Some terrific takeaways from this workshop will be:

  1. A schematic of the “Wheel of Life” design illustrated in Avis Campbell Gardens

  2. A list of all the best garden centers where the Bed Captains find their treasures

  3. A take home planting experiment

  4. Priceless advice and expertise

Please RSVP to Floss O'Sullivan and join us outside and in person Tuesday, April 5 at 10am.

For a reminder of how beautiful these gardens are in full bloom, check out Peter and Marilyn Zaret’s drone footage.



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