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Art in Bloom

Quick! Get yourselves up to the Montclair Art Museum before Sunday to see our members' inspiring interpretations of the Museum's works of art, both temporary and permanent.

Below, just a few random snapshots of some of the awe-inspiring creations. More -- better photos, and all of them -- will be available on the Museum site and elsewhere in the weeks to come.

And, at right, the lovely Amy South in front of her lovely flower wall.



A huge thank you to all of our talented designers. Your creations were a delight to all who visited MAM. Thank you Deborah, Nancy, Sue, Karen D, Gretchen and especially Cynthia…. just to name a few.


AND HUGE THANKS TO SUE YOUNG for the incredible cuts and pastes getting my face into all kinds of art including George Washington!!!! It was so fabulous celebrating AIB in so many Garden Club friends and ultra talented/creative designers!


I couldn't go this year.;( Can't wait to see all the pix. Thanks for the teaser!

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