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Change to Nov. 14 Program Speaker

Program, November 14, 1:30 p.m.

Union Congregational Church

Our planned November speaker, Page Dickey, who was going to speak about her most recent book, Uprooted, has unfortunately had to cancel due to health concerns. However, we were very pleased to be able to secure Montclair’s Deb Ellis to speak about a very timely topic!

Fall and Winter in the Native Garden

Deb Ellis — environmental activist, community builder and teacher — will talk about how to extend the gardening season throughout the fall and winter with native flowers, evergreen ferns and berry-producing bushes. She will also be discussing how to modernize fall cleanup, how “leaving the leaves” can nurture a garden, and how native plants can serve as a home and winter food source for pollinators and birds.

Deb is the Vice President for chapters of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey and the founder and leader of the Essex County Chapter. She is a Master Gardener and a Rutgers Environmental Steward. Deb gardens in Montclair where her smallish property hosts over 100 species of native plants.



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