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Clean Up Upper Montclair

Our Environment Committee is inviting ALL CLUB MEMBERS to meet at Moss & More (42 Upper Montclair Plaza for those of you who have never visited member Amy South's wonderful store), where there will be hot chocolate and hot cider at 10 am on Saturday, January 20, rain or shine.  


Armed with clear bags, we will set about cleaning up the streets and parking lots in the Upper Montclair business district, photographing for township record the amount of trash we collect. Additionally, a couple of us can undertake photographing and recording any vegetative condition that needs attention, including trees. Wendy Lacey of The Corner Store has been petitioning to remove an unhealthy tree which we can look at.

A walk through this part of town is all you need to realize how much the township neglects this area. From talking with Amy, the retailers need a boost of attention. Obviously this is not going to solve the ongoing maintenance issues, but in winter, the blown trash, unattended bins and areas dangerous for pedestrians in parking lots is more evident than ever.


Come with warm clothes, disposable gloves, grabber claws, and your big hearts. We will supply the clear bags. Amy’s store will be our home base, a business that exemplifies beauty and environmental best practices.



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