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Delightful, Delicious and De-Lovely!

Past and present Presidents of the Garden Club of Montclair stand proudly together at our annual Holiday Tea.

A Holiday Tea not to be forgotten.

  • Susan’s warm hospitality in her festive home

  • With rooms decadently decorated by star designers

  • Perfect party planners, Betty and Michele delivering every detail

  • Just for fun … creative chocolates and scented soap shopping.

  • The mingling of new members, vintage members, and active members

  • Creating the buzz of laughter, chatter and love

  • A table abundantly set with handmade sweets and savories

  • And the Silver Tea service ever glistening.

How sweet it was!

With my best Holiday Wishes and Gratitude!


Note from Communications: Sorry for the delay, and thanks to Barbara Baletti for her wonderful photos. If you have more you would like to add, send them to Sue Young. If you already did, please send them again! Too much celebration at our house!



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