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Water, Crescents, and the Boa Bulge

Yet another well-attended workshop for members proves again how lucky we are to have such talented instructors in Florence Leyssène and Debbie Moran (shown here creating a Hogarth curve design).. These nationally regarded women are not just extraordinary and engaging teachers, but are unable to put two pieces of floral material together without creating an exquisite and apparently effortless work of art. Just look at the designs on this page that they created during the workshop.

Florence took us through the ups and downs of underwater design. Did you know, for example, that distilled water does not create unacceptable bubbles around leaves and flowers in the glass containers, unlike tap water? Or that a container not filled to the very top creates an unwanted and distracting second line that will be sternly marked down in competition? Members can see the handout Florence prepared for the class by clicking here and the full workshop video, taped and edited by Floss O’Sullivan, by clicking here.

As well as creating the elegant curves in the perfect crescent and Hogarth curve designs shown here, Debbie explained how to be gentle with your branches, to understand their inner structure so that your design will keep its harmonious shape through a multiple-day exhibition. She showed us how a well-made crescent design leads the eye to create a perfect circle.

And what, you ask, is a Boa Bulge? It’s when the central flower section of a crescent or Hogarth curve design doesn’t flow effortlessly into its long curved outside lines, but reminds the judges of the rather startling sight of a well-fed boa constrictor’s middle section instead of its normal sleek beauty.

Members can see Debbie's notes by clicking here, and we will soon have a video showing more of the workshop.



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