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Estelle Leibrecht Horticulture Project 2020-2021

Out of the gate, I want to thank you all for joining me on this COVID-19 pandemic project journey. Given the fear and uncertainty of last spring and summer, I appreciate you all joining in for this long-haul horticulture ride, regardless of whether your leaves/plantlets made it to the finish line yesterday.

Unfortunately the weather yesterday didn’t cooperate, so the judging was done inside by three judges in the (sort of) area who were kind enough to come to judge our little band of ‘contestants’, six in all. Two people who had hoped to bring their plants unfortunately could not at the last minute.

And the winner is….Denise Silverman! Her Echeveria ‘Orion’ was judged the best with regard to size and form, given that the parent plant - as well as those sold commercially - is a single rosette, so it was considered the ideal form rather than a plant with two rosettes. I asked them to determine which they would consider 2nd and 3rd (even though there are no points being given) for our own edification, so you can see those in the photograph below.

Congratulations, Denise! I’m glad we were able to wrap up this project with some successful outcomes. Even if your plants didn’t make it very far, I hope you enjoyed the challenge, as it was something new to try given all the time we unexpectedly had on our hands with no clear idea of how the pandemic would unfold/end.

I appreciate your interest, curiosity and participation, and look forward to trying to come up with something else a little out of the ordinary for the next ‘Estelle’!



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