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First Program of the Year

And what a roaring success it was. Marc Hachadourian, senior Curator of the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Collection and Director of Glasshouse Horticulture at the Garden, told the jammed room at Union Congregational Church everything we wanted to know about orchids. He paced around the room with an upside-down orchid peeling off old moss while answering dozens of questions at the same time.

The many entries in Flower Design, Botanical Arts, and Horticulture were judged by NJC accredited judges Gail Bassolino and Teddie Falcone (see photos and results very soon). After the lecture, members repaired to a sumptuous tea table, laden with contributions from the Hospitality committee, including Gretchen Prater's delicious and impossible rose cakes and graced with Maureen Sprong's glorious dahlias.


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Incredibly interesting, entertaining and well put together lecture by Marc. This was my favorite of ALL times so far. He was such a marvelous speaker that made us all vibrate with excitement, inspiration and smiles. A great way to start the year.! Cheers 🥂

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