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Flower Design Winners — October '22

See below for winners in each class. Click on each photo to see larger. For photos of other exhibits on SmugMug, click here.

Class 1: Traditional Mass Design (Provisionals only)

Karen Fricke

Class 2: Freedom of Style (all except provisionals)

Ist Place: Michele Tomasik (shown here)

2nd Place with 90+: Tova Narrett

3rd Place: Virginia Woo

Honorable Mention: Wendy Stahl

Honorable Mention: Carol Callahan

Class 3: A Grouped Mass Design (all except provisionals)

1st Place: Fran Ackerly (shown here)

Fran also received the Kay Maclane Van Deusen Rose Award

2nd Place with 90+: Susan Brady

3rd place with 90+:Cynthia Corhan-Aitken Honorable Mention with 90+: Floss O'Sullivan

Honorable Mention: Cheryl Slutzky

Honorable Mention: Suzy Straten

Class 4: Botanical Design - Decorated Wreath (open to all)

1st Place: Carol Callahan (shown here)

2nd place with 90+: Floss O'Sullivan

3rd place: Marie Donnelly

Provisional entry - Karen Fricke

And of course the beautiful dahlias on the Tea Table - Maureen Sprong

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