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Sparkles in the February Competition

The theme this month may have been “Ice” but the flower designs that were showcased (see below) would have warmed your hearts. Resident Judges Florence Leyssène and Debbie Moran were on hand to assess each class of designs to determine “Best in Show” Blue Ribbon winners as well as 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention award designations.  Fourteen flower designs were submitted in addition to Fran Ackerly’s “Trial Run” Exhibition Table, a Tasteful Take-Out bistro themed pizza-for-one exhibit in stunning red, black, and white.

Here are the results of the design competition:


•    Advanced Plus (A Reflective Design)

            1st Place - Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

            2nd Place - Fran Ackerly

•    Advanced  (A Reflective Design)

            1st Place - Suzy Straten

            2nd Place - Floss O’Sullivan

            3rd Place - Celia Radek

            Honorable Mention: Michele Tomasik, Susan Benner, Barbara Baletti

•    Intermediate (Freedom of Style Design)

            3rd Place - Cheryl Slutsky

•   Novice (An American Traditional Horizontal Line Design)

            1st Place - Karen Fricke

            2nd Place - Olga Béquillard

            3rd Place - Wendy Stahl

•    Provisional (not judged)

            Ana Moore

            Angel Pollack

Karen Fricke

Tea Table - Margo Walter

Congratulations to all the flower designers this month.  We look forward to see what you might come up with in the March Competition when Multi-Rhythmic, Petite, and Abstract designs are on the menu!


Fran Ackerly, Chair

Barbara Baletti, Vice Chair

Flower Design Committee




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