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Freylinghuysen Fun

Sarah J. Olson, Julie Morgan, and Suzy Straten.

Fruit, flowers, and best of!  Thanks to our District II Director, Julie Morgan, members of our Club had the opportunity to attend a workshop on creating a Williamsburg centerpiece just in time for Thanksgiving. 

The workshop took place at Freylinghuysen Arboretum on a gorgeous Fall day. Carpooling up and back gave members Imke Oster, Sarah J. Olson, Suzy Straten, Anna Lee, a friend of Anna's, Fran Ackerly, Nancy Stroud, Carol Callahan, and Floss O'Sullivan time to catch up socially before the holidays whisk us all in different directions.  


Similar to our Club's Challenge Designs, we were all given the same materials. Using greens from the surrounding property, fruits like lemons, limes, clementines, and apples, we added various fresh and/or dried plant material (similar to our Toni's Kitchen arrangements in the past). The finished centerpieces were not just beautiful, but showcased each person's creativity. When I delivered mine to my neighbors (who will be hosting Thanksgiving), she and her husband were over the moon, saying they "loved the fruits and variety of life in it."  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Floss O'Sullivan

Floss O'Sullivan's centerpiece.

Sarah J. Olson's centerpiece

Centerpieces of (l-r) Nancy Stroud, Carol Callahan, and Fran Ackerly.



Barbara Baletti
Barbara Baletti
Nov 22, 2023

Gorgeous arrangements made with the talented hands of our members.

Love the use of fruit!


Those are fantastic! ♥️

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