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Help the Awards Committee


You are ALL INVITED!  Please consider submitting your nominations for the following GC of Montclair Awards (you can also self-nominate!)


The Bauer Horticultural Award:  A silver bowl trophy given by the late Mrs. John Bauer may be awarded each year at the Annual Meeting for major achievement in Horticulture.  The winner is chosen by decision of the Awards Committee.


Till Beatty Allis Award:  A silver bowl perpetual trophy, given in her honor by her family, may be awarded to a member who has made an outstanding contribution in Flower Design and Flower Design Education.


Louise D. Mann Award:  A silver tray perpetual trophy given in her memory by her family, to be awarded to a member of the Garden Club of Montclair when merited in recognition of her vision and significant accomplishments in a field that advances Garden Club objectives. The winner is chosen by the Awards committee.


These nominations should be emailed to Deborah Hirsch, by Thursday, February 29, 2024 and will be reviewed by the Awards Committee.  Many thanks!

Emeritus Recommendations


The Awards Committee will recommend members for the upcoming year.  We are inviting you, the membership, to send your recommendations with supporting letter to the Awards Committee, per our by-laws. 


“Emeritus membership may be conferred on a Club Member, at the discretion of the Board and by unanimous vote, for long term and outstanding contributions to the Club.  Emeritus members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Club and shall be exempt from the payment of dues:

Per our Standing Rules: Proposal for Emeritus Membership shall be made to the Awards Committee for its approval and submitted by that Committee in writing to the Board two weeks prior to any regular meeting of the Board.

Please send your recommendations by Thursday, February 15, 2024 to Deborah Hirsch.



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