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Horticulture Awards

And just like that…the Garden Club of Montclair Horticulture competition is back in full bloom! The October horticulture competition featured 15 participants including three members of the provisional class. Way to go — Anne Kerr, Kem Louie, and Karen Fricke. The judges were impressed with the depth of our Club’s horticulture display this month. Sarah Olson received first place for points scored, followed by Denise Silverman in second place and Debbie Moran in third.

The Horticulture Committee featured three Club honors during the October competition. Congratulations to Debbie Moran, winner of The Estelle Leibrecht Horticulture Award for her blue ribbon “Miss Muffet” caladium. A double kudos to Denise Silverman who placed first in The Amy Hatrak Herb Award competition with her unique collection of herbs and The Barbara Meyer Award for her blue-ribbon award for her single rose specimen.



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