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Indoor Gardens

Once again, we had a packed program meeting on Monday, March 20 at Union Congregational Church. Amy South, GCM member and owner of Moss & More — Montclair's premier plant store — led us through the do's and don't's of creating a healthy and happy indoor garden. Her love and care for the plants she sells and cares for in her own home shone through as she explained how to figure out when to water, what kind of soil to use, why plants in the home please and protect you, and how to recognize the beasts and diseases that stalk our babies. She even releases clouds of ladybugs in the store to keep them safe.

And thank you, Amy, for the wonderful gifts you donated for the raffle, including a ferocious looking stag fern and the exquisite little terrarium that now lives in this writer's kitchen.

Thanks, as always, to the Hospitality Committee of Michelle Quinn and Betty Murphy who spent the entire very long day taking care of judges and members. And also to Christine James who created the beautiful centerpiece shown on this page.

Stay tuned for a new post about the winners of the many awards shown at this meeting.



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