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Margaret Kenrick

Margaret Kenrick became a Provisional of the Garden Club of Montclair in 1972 and remained an active member for 44 years until 2016.

Margaret’s passion was Flower Design and she served as a Flower Design consultant for all levels regularly throughout her membership. She was a Master Gardener and National Accredited Landscape Design School graduate.

She won the Betty B. Merriam Silver Bowl for the Standard Flower Show in 2009 and the Tilll Beatty Allis Award for Flower Design and Flower Education.

“Magrit” as she was known to friends, was a passionate Flower Designer, and worked on many Flower Shows. In 1995 she became Horticulture co-chair and in 2010-2011 she took a leadership role as Garden Therapy Chair For two years she led her committee to visit Senior Care, Montclair Manor, Gates, Van Dyke and Little Nursing Home to play games and brighten residents’ lives.

Other than that, Magrit maintained her steady contributions to the world of Flower Design. She was a mentor to new members each year at the Crane House when we decorated for holidays and was a strict adherer to the authentic materials of the time. But that did not keep her from being one of the friendliest and funniest of members to work with. She did chair the Perennial Gardens (as they were known at the time), but primarily was a solid, ever-present member who served where she was needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Hirsch



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