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October Program Today!

Don’t miss speaker Bruce Crawford on Zoom (see email for logon details) at 1 pm on Monday, October 18 and let him get you excited about adding some fun, interesting, and lesser-known plants into your garden.

This year Bruce was awarded the National Garden Club’s highest honor, the Award of Excellence, for his innovation in education and landscape design. Bruce has been a well-known landscape designer, lecturer, and writer in New Jersey, having started his own garden design business, served as Director of Rutgers Gardens for fifteen years, and been the State Program Leader for Home and Public Horticulture at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. He recently became the Horticultural Manager for the Morris County Parks Commission.

Bruce will share with us his innovative gardening ideas and knowledge of horticulture, highlighting 25 plants that have been planted successfully but to the point of near monotony. He’ll be suggesting instead some refreshingly fun alternatives (members only can click here to see the full list and print it out) to make our gardens more unique and enjoyable!



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