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Open Garden Season Opens!

OPEN GARDEN of Florence Sinofsky and Bob Chapman

Click here for their address

3:00 to 7:00

Sunday and Monday, July 10 and 11, 2022

Four years and five days ago, our gardeners brought forth a new program, under trees, conceived in horticulture, and dedicated to the proposition that all Open Gardens are created equal.

And on that day, provisional Bob Chapman maintained his lovely two-acre oasis (see photos below) and invited us to share his labors encompassing stone pathways, architectural treasures and numerous plant species that thrived in the shade behind his 17th century Victorian home. It was there that he met Florence Sinofsky, who became his bride, leading to another Open Garden in August of 2019.

Now they again welcome their fellow Club members, along with families and friends, to share the enduring love that blooms from nature and friendship.

Please contact Marilyn ( or phone: 973-820-1201.) for questions and advice about hosting your own Open Garden. All sizes, stages and styles are welcome as are former hosts.



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