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The GreenHouse Program at Rikers Island

To celebrate Valentine's Day, program director Hilda Krus shared the poem, below, as part of her moving presentation today. It was written by one of the participants in this extraordinary program. You can simply enjoy it, or download it here, and read about the program in the New York Times.

Let nature take its course, only nature can correct man.

And Man finds that it is difficult to correct nature.

Still we try.

We are like seeds who grow if only fertilized

in opportunity, watered with hope and placed in

a bed of ambition.

Instead of heavy restraints give us light

so we see the direction in which to rise.

Consider that mistakes are similar to weeds

They are easily noticed yet let them not

distract you from our beauty.

They grow as we grow and their roots

lay deep.

So be patient in understanding that as some flowers

bloom, some leaves dry and fall

But a seed is never looked at as it is, or as

it was but a seed is looked at as what it

can be.

E. S., who spent ten months with the GreenHouse program



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