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Watch Out for Us, Upper Montclair!

The snow has melted, and members of the Environment and Civic Beautification Committees are gearing up for Saturday's clean-up of Upper Montclair.

Everyone is invited. The more of our members showing our commitment to our community, the better! Bring your kids and your friends. Meet at Amy South's Moss & More store ― also the project drinks center ― in Upper Montclair Plaza on Saturday, March 2 at 10:00 am.


Deborah Hirsch is bringing:


  • 10 Neon vests with our logo

  • 6 picker uppers.  Bring your own if you have them

  • Biodegradable work gloves for all

  • A map to indicate ground covered

  • Biodegradable hot cups for hot or cold drinks 

  • Recyclable bags for trash

  • Brown paper bags for plant material

  • “Cards” in case people ask who we are, with a QR code to our website, and the names of storekeepers (and members) supporting our efforts.


Most of the snow should have disappeared by Saturday. There is a light rain forecast, but that should not deter us. 

Any questions, ask Deborah Hirsch.




What time do we meet?

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