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Wonderful Day at Crane House

From Floss and Sarah:

"What a marvelous day spent with all of you! Jane and her team at Montclair History Center were thrilled with the beautiful decorations. Everyone went above and beyond to make each room very special and clean up afterwards — thank you!

How lucky we are to appreciate and enjoy one another's talents. Click here to see the amazing pictures of each room taken by Claire Stepleton and others. So many of you donated, purchased, or created unique pieces for the house. The list goes on and on with the creativity each of you demonstrated.

My favorite part of the day was to see so many of you catching up, having meaningful conversations, encouraging one another, and appreciating each person's unique contribution. Sarah and I are grateful for your support for this annual workshop and hope the tradition continues for many years to come!

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." — Hamilton Wright Mabi

Many, many thanks!



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