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Explanation of Provisional Requirements

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Program Meetings are held monthly from September to April for Garden Club Members and guests. Speakers come with an extensive knowledge of subjects germane to gardening, Flower Design, Horticulture, and Botanical Arts. Meetings coincide with monthly Flower Design, Horticulture, and Botanical Arts competitions.  A tea and social follow Program Meetings.

Workshops are offered throughout the year to help Provisionals learn about Flower Design, cultivating and exhibiting Horticulture, as well as other topics related to gardening. Workshops are entertaining, hands-on, and fun.

Avis Campbell Gardens & Grounds are the pride of the Garden Club. The Gardens are located at 60 South Fullerton Avenue and maintained by the Membership, both Active and Provisional. Volunteering time at Avis Campbell is an enjoyable experience. It is an opportunity to meet and work with other Provisionals and learn about gardening from our experts.

Triangle Mall Gardens are the raised planting beds along Church Street in downtown Montclair. They are maintained in the fall and spring by Club Members with the help of Provisionals. The Business Improvement District (BID) partners with the Garden Club in supplying funds and maintenance assistance during the growing season.

Garden Therapy is an opportunity to aid the physical, mental, and emotional health of persons in the community who are facing personal challenges such as physical disability, homelessness, or violence. We lead flower arranging workshops and other garden-related activities that inspire creativity and personal achievement for the individuals we serve.

Flower Design is an integral component of the Garden Club. There are opportunities to create traditional designs, as well as those which express more "freedom of style", and exhibit in monthly competitions. You will learn through Workshop participation and the help of our expert designers. Provisional designs are not judged, but receive constructive comments.

Horticulture involves the cultivation of fruits, flowering plants, vegetables, and ornamental plants with opportunities for Members to exhibit specimens from their gardens or potted plants from their homes. Our workshops will teach you to experiment and improve your own gardens.

Clerking Flower Design, Horticulture, and Botanical Arts competitions include shadowing judges as they view all entries in the monthly in-house competition, recording their comments, criticism, points, and placing awards.

The purpose of these requirements is to provide exposure to the important activities of the Club. We encourage you to attend Membership meetings whenever possible, to try your hand at additional Flower Design, Horticulture, and Botanical Arts competitions, and to partake in as many Workshops as you can. In addition, you might like to join in the seasonal decoration of Montclair History Center's Crane House & Historic YWCA or the biennial "Art in Bloom" exhibition at the Montclair Art Museum — two important civic events that are both meaningful and fun. The more activities you become involved in, the sooner you become acquainted with other Members and begin to feel that you are a part of a wonderful organization.

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