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Apply for Membership

We are delighted that you are considering Membership in the Garden Club of Montclair. Please complete and submit this form to Cheryl Slutzky, our Membership VP. She will contact you, and answer any of your questions.

Scroll down below the form for more information.

Thanks for considering Membership! We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Provisional Requirements and Information


Note: If you have a friend in the Club, she/he will be your "mentor," that is, your guide through the first year. If you found us online, we will assign a Garden Club member as your mentor. Mentors join Provisionals at program meetings, competitions, the Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation in May, and social events, and keep track of their progress. You'll find that everyone is more than willing to help you through the year.

Provisional members are responsible for completing the following requirements to become Active members:

  • 1 Program Meeting

  • 3 Workshops

  • 3 two-hour work sessions in Avis Campbell Gardens

  • 1 two-hour work session in Triangle Mall Gardens

  • 1 Garden Therapy visit

  • 1 Flower Design entry (not judged)

  • 1 Horticultural specimen (not judged)

  • Clerk for one monthly competition (may substitute an additional Flower Design or Horticultural entry


The above requirements are the minimum required. Provisionals are encouraged to attend all Program Meetings and Workshops and enter additional Flower Design/Horticulture competitions. See more details about the above requirements.

Provisional Dues: $100. Dues are payable after the Provisional Informational Coffee held in February. The official Provisional year begins on April 1, but applications are accepted throughout the year.

Cheryl Slutzky

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