Awards Committee Reports

2020-2021 — Sarah Stransky, Chair


Many thanks to the 2020-21 Awards Committee including Cynthia Corhan-Aitken, Karen Kadus, Kate Khachaturian, Michele Tomasik, and Fran Wong for their Zoom input, and collection and cleaning of the silver awards.


Special thanks to Michele Tomasik for her assistance writing and editing several of the Emeritus and Tribute Awards.


We also appreciate the support of GCNJ Awards Chair, Peggy Morrissey, whose guidance facilitated our state and national award application processes.


We are thrilled to announce these GCNJ and NGC Awards received in June 2021 for outstanding achievements in 2020 during the pandemic:


Yearbook 2020-21 — Award application by Celia Radek, Editor. Score 100%.


  • Certificate of Commendation First Place YB-1 Yearbooks (100-299 members) awarded by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

  • Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal YB-1 Yearbooks (100-299 members) awarded by Garden Club of New Jersey.


Virtual Flower Design Education 2021 — Award application by Workshop Chair, Floss O'Sullivan, Florence Leyssène, and Sarah Stransky.

  • Certificate of Merit First Place and Overall Winner Award FD-2 (Aiv)
    Floral Design Program/Single Club awarded by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Garden Therapy 2021 — Award application by Garden Therapy Chair, Sarah Olson, and Sarah Stransky.

  • Myra Brooks Garden Therapy Trophy #15a Renovated Garden Therapy Program awarded by the Garden Club of New Jersey.

The Garden Club of Montclair Awards were given at the 2020-21 Annual Meeting held in Avis Campbell Gardens on May 26 with the help of the Hospitality, Properties, Membership, and Avis Campbell Gardens Committees. A celebration for Connie Young’s 100 birthday was an important part of the agenda!


The Bauer Horticulture Award 2021 — Debbie Moran

The Louise D. Mann Award 2021 — Floss O’Sullivan

The Till Beatty Allis Award 2021 — Florence Leyssène

Tributes — Cynthia Corhan-Aitken, Sandy Sorkin, Karen Whitehaus, Fran Wong

Emeritus Award Members 2021 — Bonni Babson, Betty Ann Cannell, Chris Cowles, Firth Fabend, Joan Larkin, Mary McGeown, Fritzi Mills, C.Y. Treene.

2019-2020 — Sarah Stransky, Chair

The 2019-2020 Awards Program, held annually in May, was postponed until fall of 2020. Because we have chosen to honor the recipients in a timely fashion, it is with great pleasure that we announce the following 2019-2020 awards:

The President's Award for Horticulture — Denise Silverman

The Amy Hatrak Herb Award — Denise Silverman

The Bauer Horticulture Award — Maureen Sprong

The Elsie Bristol Novice Award — Ginny Demoreuille

The Garden Club Award for Flower Design, Advanced — Fran Ackerly

The Kay Maclane Van Deusen Rose Award — Sarah J. Olson

The Louise D. Mann Award — Claire Stepleton

Special Tributes — Sarah J. Olson and Floss O'Sullivan

All Awards will be presented at the Awards Program in the fall of 2020. The Awards Committee congratulates the above listed, and all our members, as you further our purposes of Education, Beautification, and Fellowship!

And a big Thank You to the 2019-2020 members of the Awards Committee: Fran Ackerly, Karen Kadus, Kate Khachaturian, and Michele Tomasik.