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Civic Beautification Committee Reports

2022-2023 — Marie Donnelly, Chair; Susan Benner Vice Chair


The Civic Beautification Committee meets several times a year to brainstorm and implement ideas to help beautify the community.


We are continuing with plans to install a pop-up flower/plant design in Montclair next year and hoping this will become an annual event that will draw people from neighboring towns.


Addressing the needs of businesses asking for help is another way we serve the community. In 2023 the Montclair Ambulance Unit at 95 Walnut Street requested help with improving the look of their building. We rose to the challenge and installed two new planters in front of their building in time for the Walnut Street Fair on May 7, 2023.

2021-2022 — Marie Donnelly, Chair; Susan Benner Vice Chair


More than twenty-five of our Members participated in Art in Bloom at the Montclair Art Museum. Their interpretations of works of art on display offered meaningful insights to one of the many ways the Garden Club of Montclair impacts the community and supports the Museum.

The committee is very enthusiastic about developing a long-range project to install "pop-up" flower design displays in Montclair 's business districts. Members are consulting with local crafters and creating a proposal to submit to the Township for a yearly event.

Conversations continue enthusiastically with the Montclair Public Library Foundation to beautify the library plazas, host a farm stand, provide space for native plants, and promote sustainability initiatives.

2020-2021 — Marie Donnelly, Chair

Due to the COVID pandemic and resulting restrictions in 2020–21, the Civic Beautification Committee was unable to complete its planned community projects. The Committee will renew efforts to engage the community in the upcoming year. 


2019-2020 — Cheryl Slutsky, Chair

It was a rather quiet year for Civic Beautification. While we looked forward to planning for Art in Bloom at the Montclair Art Museum and a "May in Montclair" coordinated experience in the township, COVID-19 had other plans!

In 2019, the merchants in Upper Montclair and the South End business districts produced some lovely outdoor floral displays. There were no such displays in 2020 and no little Garden Club of Montclair cards of congratulation appeared.

Here's hoping we see those little cards inserted into happy, creative displays --  and that we all fare better in 2021.

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