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2022-2023 — Kate Khachaturian, Chair

The Garden Club of Montclair was pleased to consistently meet in person again throughout 2022-2023. Our Club continued to hold Program meetings at Union Congregational Church in Upper Montclair. The members seemed pleased with its adequate space for Floral Design, Horticulture entries, our new Botanical Arts category, and our usual tea and refreshments.

Board meetings were held in the Garden View Room on the first floor at 60 S. Fullerton Ave. in Montclair. We continue to use the Garden Club Room in the basement for Workshops and if weather permits, Avis Campbell Gardens. Clarence Booker now maintains our space and cleans when necessary.


Facilities Committee Reports

2021-2022 — Kate Khachaturian, Chair

In 2021-22, The Garden Club of Montclair continued to hold both Board meetings and Program meetings via zoom due to COVID-19. In early 2022, we began holding workshops at 60 South Fullerton in the Garden Club room. In the spring of 2022, we held two program meetings at Union Congregational Church. The annual awards luncheon was held in Avis Campbell Gardens. For the upcoming year of 2022-23, our meeting place will likely be determined by the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Club continues to thrive despite these difficult conditions.


2020-2021 — Kate Khachaturian, Chair

In the year 2020–21 the COVID pandemic continued to rage. Consequently, all Garden Cub meetings were held via Zoom. We were fortunate on May 26 to hold our Annual Awards Meeting in the Avis Campbell Gardens. Due to on-site construction of the United Way building, we will continue in the to hold our meetings via Zoom. We hope to resume our meetings in the Garden Club room in 2022.


2019-2020 — Kate Khachaturian, Chair

To say this year has been unusual and challenging would be an understatement. We began the year holding our meetings at Van Vleck House and Gardens due to the fact that the United Way Building was anticipating major renovations. We are very grateful to Van Vleck for its gracious hospitality.

In the beginning of 2020,Covid-19 decided to pay a visit to the US and in March required a mandated lockdown. For the rest of the spring all events and Programs were canceled. Board meetings were conducted via Zoom. Thank goodness for technology!

Because Workshops were still being conducted in the fall of 2019, the Facilities Committee did maintain the Garden Club room.

I wish to thank my Facilities Committee members, Susan Straten and Janice Benton, and the Club Membership for their patience during this difficult time.

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