Finance Committee Reports

2020-2021 — Susan Straten, Chair



2019-2020 — Tessie Thomas, Treasurer and Chair


When the Covid crisis hit, I was amazed how quickly GCM went digital. When I created the ballot for virtual elections, I was thinking, "This was not in our plans!" Over two years in the Treasurer role (and the previous two as Editor of Potpourri), my mantra was automate and digitize. This pandemic just accelerated the whole plan.


GCM continues to celebrate nature and make the world a more beautiful place for all. To me, GCM is a reminder of all that is normal and good in the world. There is a natural selflessness in what GCM does — a powerful reminder that collectively we can overcome anything, even a pandemic. As a mother of two teenagers with active sports and academic schedules, along with my work with other nonprofits, I am grateful for the support and inspiration from GCM Board and the Membership.


In the work as Treasurer, we continued to build upon the themes of simplifying and digitizing. Nothing gave me more pleasure than instances where we were able to save many a lot of time and effort - even when it was a simple thing like taking a picture of a bill and emailing it to me rather than dropping the bill to my home or mailing it. We continued using Quicken accounting software and stuck to cash accounting. We filed taxes successfully and in a timely manner. We are on strong financial grounds. Despite all the sudden cancellations of plans and programs, we ended the year with $82,619.67:






We made the budgeting process even more transparent with inputs over Zoom and buy-in from all the Committee Chairs before settling on the budget with the Finance Committee.


After all that hard work, I handed over the keys to Susan Straten. Needless to say, the transition is straightforward as she has been my helpline and mentor! GCM remains fiscally strong.

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