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2022-2023 — Susan Straten, Chair

The Nominating Committee met seven times by Zoom to fill the following Officer and Committee Chair positions: President, 2nd Vice President/Communications, Recording Secretary, Avis Campbell Gardens & Grounds, Triangle Gardens, Garden Therapy, Program, and Youth. Working with these committee Chair candidates, we appointed Vice Chairs for each of their committees. In addition, we nominated two members to the Finance Committee and six members to the Nominating Committee. We selected Barbara Baletti from this year's Committee to chair the Nominating Committee next year. Our team was excited to present a strong group of leaders to the membership for their approval.

I want to thank the Committee Members Barbara Baletti, Marie Donnelly, Floss O'Sullivan, Marilyn Zaret, and our ex-officio members Cheryl Slutzky, Membership Chair, and President Sarah Stransky for their conscientiousness and commitment to our charge. Their willingness to share their insights and to make some of the "asks" was most appreciated. The way this committee worked together in such a thoughtful and efficient manner is an example of why our Club is so great!


Nominating Committee Reports

2021-2022 — Karen Kadus, Chair

The 2021-2022 Nominating Committee began its work in June and continued through January to prepare a slate of Officers and Committee Chairs to serve in leadership positions in The Garden Club of Montclair. The nominations were forwarded to the Board of Trustees in February. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all meetings were held on Zoom. The committee filled the following leadership positions of Officers,


Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs for 2022-2024: President (one year), 1st Vice President Membership, 3rd Vice President Finance, Recording Secretary (one year), Avis Campbell Gardens, Civic Beautification, Facilities, Flower Design, Horticulture, Hospitality, Newsletter Potpourri, Nominating, Properties,Ways and Means, Workshops, and Yearbook. We also nominated candidates to serve on the Finance Committee and the Nominating Committee.

Many thanks to our committee Members Lissa Barrett, Susan Brady, Susan Dumont, Kate Khachaturian, Sara H. Olson and Maureen Sprong for their thoughtful discussions and outreach to potential candidates. Thanks also to ex-officio Members Cheryl Slutzky, Membership, and Florence Leyssène, President, for their invaluable advice and dedication to our Garden Club.

Sarah Stransky, who served as President from 2001 to 2003, graciously agreed to accept the position of President for one year. Susan Straten will be the next Nominating Chair.


2020-2021 — Susan Benner, Chair

The 2020/2021 Nominating Committee worked throughout the year to prepare a slate of accomplished candidates to serve the Garden Club of Montclair in leadership positions. I would like to thank Deborah Hirsch, Floss O’Sullivan, Karen Kadus, Michele Trevenen, Susan van Inwegen, and Susan Straten for all their hard work over Zoom and through personal calls to members. Special thanks to Florence Leyssène who attended all meetings and provided sound advice and guidance throughout the year.


Despite challenges caused by the pandemic, the Committee successfully filled the following positions of Officers and Committee Chairs for the upcoming term: President, Communication, Recording Secretary, Program, Garden Therapy, Triangle Garden, Yearbook, Youth, Avis Campbell Gardens, Nominating and Finance Committee members. Special efforts were made to secure Vice-Chair positions for the following positions: Membership, Program, Garden Therapy, Triangle Garden, Youth, Avis Campbell Gardens.


Due to the pandemic, the Committee felt that the Club would benefit if Florence Leyssène could continue as President for a third year. The Committee requested and received a change in the By-laws to allow this extension. Florence graciously accepted the position and we are fortunate that the Club will have her experience for another year.


Since the Nominating Committee makes personal contact with members, the Membership Vice-Chair has been asked to participate in future meetings.


2019-2020 — Terri Breen, Chair

The 2019-2020 Nominating Committee worked throughout the fall and winter to prepare a slate of accomplished candidates to serve The Garden Club of Montclair in leadership positions. I'd like to thank Fran Ackerly, Claire Stepleton, Jackie Kling, Susan Benner, Lori Vick, and Sarah Stransky for all your hard work.


The Committee successfully filled the following positions of Officers and Committee Chairs for the term 2020-2022: Finance, Civic Beautification, Hospitality, Ways and Means, Properties, Newsletter, Flower Design, Workshop, and Horticulture.


The new position of 'President-Elect' was created with a job description and responsibilities defined and voted on by the Executive Committee and, then ultimately, the Membership.


We were fortunate our President, and previous Nominating Chair, Florence Leyssène, attended every meeting and provided methodical direction and sound advice throughout the year. Thank you, Florence. I'd also like to thank Deborah Hirsch who served as a consultant to our committee to develop the new President-Elect position.

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