Potpourri Committee Reports

2020-2021 — Terri Breen, Editor

For 2020-2021, seven issues of Potpourri were published. The majority of issues were sent to our Membership via email and 28 copies were sent snail mail. This was a decrease from prior years resulting in a savings in our printing and postage costs.


As a Committee, we decided to change the deadline for articles due from the 1st of the month to the 15th of the month. Committee chairs will see this change in the new Yearbook calendar.


I would like to thank Committee members Marilyn Zaret, who has been responsible for our monthly mailing, and Karen Whitehaus for meticulously proofreading and correcting my initial drafts. It has been a pleasure working with these women.

2019-2020 — Debbie Moran, Chair

Potpourri provides the Garden Club of Montclair Membership with information about upcoming events including outings, Workshops, Programs, community service activities, and celebrations. It also serves as the Club's historical archive by documenting Flower Design and Horticulture Competition results, awards, and event recaps. We try to make the newsletter colorful and interesting with photos that illustrate the talent, hard work, and successes of our Membership. We constantly strive to enhance Potpourri so members are invited to provide feedback and suggestions to keep it new and informative.

Seven issues of Potpourri were published during the Program year with December-February combined into one issue and May-June into one issue. The Newsletter was an especially valuable communication tool this year during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in the cancellation of most Club activities after mid-March.

Most members receive the Newsletter via email. Currently, 29 members receive hardcopy via US mail. Special thanks go to Karen Whitehaus for proofreading every issue and to Marilyn Zaret for picking up, labeling, and mailing Potpourri to our hardcopy list. The Newsletter is also available for viewing and download on this website.

It's been a great honor to be the editor of Potpourri the last two years. We are so fortunate to have Terri Breen taking the helm; I know she will enjoy the "job" as much as I did! Welcome, Terri!