Properties Committee Reports

2020-2021 — Nancy Stroud

The Committee set up for our Awards Program, held in May in the beautiful Avis Campbell Gardens. New, lightweight folding tables were purchased for this as well as future events. Folding chairs were also set up. Recognition is due to Marilyn Zaret for her assistance carrying more than fifty metal folding chairs from the basement Club Room to the Garden, as well as to Deborah Hirsch for purchasing and delivering the new tables. Thanks to the members who stepped up to help us put everything away. Otherwise, it was a quiet year for Properties due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

2019-2020 — Debbie Moran, Chair

The properties identified to go to Van Vleck for the year were taken over on "Moving Day" last summer and stored in the basement. Properties remaining in the storage room at the United Way Building were identified as either "keep" or "discard." Tables from Van Vleck made set up for Horticultural Competitions relatively fast. Using only lightweight pedestals was a boon because they had to be brought up from and then back down to the basement storage room. A set of four new pedestals for Design classes was made to add to the properties on hand at Van Vleck. There was no activity in March or April due to the corona virus lockdown.