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Clerking Guidelines


  1. Clerks shadow the judges as they view all entries in the monthly competitions. Clerks should plan to arrive for the competition promptly at 9:30am. It is recommended that you arrive at the appointed time to familiarize yourself with the exhibit and location of each class and subdivided classes.

  2. Judging begins promptly at 10am; judging is completed by noon.

  3. Assist the judges for closer inspection of a horticulture specimen by gently lifting the container. The clerk should not handle the plant material apart from conditioned evergreens exhibited without containers.

  4. After the judging is completed in a particular class, the judges will circle 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Honorable Mention. The clerk then punches a hole through the judges' circle and tears off the bottom portion of the entry card.

  5. One clerk records the judges' results on the Awards Tally Sheet (both sides). When finished clerking, a Tally Sheet is given to the Flower Design Chair, the Horticulture Chair, and the Botanical Arts Chair.

  6. One clerk affixes the appropriate award seal to the entry card.

  7. The Flower Design, Horticulture, and Botanical Arts cards need to be kept separate.

  8. One week prior to your scheduled clerking date, you will receive an email reminder. If you cannot fulfill your obligation, it is your responsibility to find your replacement. A list of substitute clerks will be made available on the Club's website.



  1. Do stand back discreetly so as not to interrupt the judges' decisions.

  2. Don't distract the judges or ask inappropriate questions of the judges.

  3. Don't enter into discussion with judges concerning comments and/or decisions of the judges.

  4. If you are asked to write the judges' comments, do write precisely what the judges dictate.

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