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Club Projects

New Club Projects

  • Environmental Initiative: Our mission as a Club will center on creating an "Act of Restorative Kindness" to our earth within our community. Members will work to restore, improve and protect the quality of our environment with like minded community partners. This will involve embracing new knowledge and science in the field of conservation and restoration as well as challenging current standards of beauty and landscape-care habits. Each committee will work to incorporate these values into their events and activities in the coming years.

Continuing Club Projects: Education


  • Provide opportunities for Members and Provisionals to exhibit Flower Designs for competition, judging, and critique. Project Leaders: Barbara Baletti, Floss O'Sullivan.

  • Provide opportunities for Members and Provisionals to exhibit Horticulture for competition, judging, and critique. Project Leaders: Heidi Muschick, Susan Straten.

  • Provide opportunies for Members and Provisionals to exhibit Botanical Arts for competition, judging, and critique. Project Leaders: Florence Leyssène, Debbie Moran.

  • Offer Programs on landscape and floral design, plants and gardening, history, and pollinators to Members and  open to the public. Project Leaders: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken, Karen Fricke.

  • Offer Workshops to Members and Provisionals on gardening, flower design, horticulture, and botanical arts. Use photography, video, and technology to visually enhance education and increase accessibility to Members and Provisionals online. Project Leaders: Karen Fricke, Tova Narrett.

  • Offer Tours of Avis Campbell Gardens and Triangle Gardens for schoolchildren, Scout troops, and other organizations. Educate the community about plants, drought tolerant landscaping, composting, and garden design. Project Leaders: Ana Zalles Moore, Betty Murphy, Donna Karanja.

  • Maintain website access to photographs of flower designs, botanical arts, and horticulture, video presentations, and environmental information. Maintain a library of books for Club Members. These resources promote education on gardening, flower design, horticulture, conservation, and the environment. Project Leaders: Sue Young, Sheila Curry Oakes.

  • Sponsor and lead local schools' gardening projects with teacher and student participation. Partner with local Scout troops on garden related activities. Project Leaders: Donna Karanja, Susan Straten, Deborah Hirsch.

Continuing Club Projects: Beautification

  • Maintain the 70 year-old Avis Campbell Gardens and Grounds, including the September 11th Memorial Garden. Project Leaders: Ana Zalles Moore, Wendy Stahl.

  • Maintain Montclair's Triangle Gardens in the Church Street business district. Project Leaders: Betty Murphy, Janet Oscar.

  • Decorate Montclair History Center's Crane House and Historic YWCA for the Holidays. Project Leaders: Karen Fricke, Tova Narrett.

Continuing Club Projects: Fellowship


  • Conduct Garden Therapy projects with community members facing physical disabilities, homelessness, or violence by holding flower arranging workshops and garden-related activities to inspire creativity and personal achievement. Project Leaders: Susan Dumont, Karen Kadus.

  • Maintain a website to enhance our public image, automate business tasks, and facilitate Club communication with an online calendar, instant access to key Club information and applications, so decreasing paper consumption. Provide website links to National Garden Clubs, Inc., Central Atlantic Region-SGC, Inc., and The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc. Project Leader: Sue Young.

  • Publish the Potpourri newsletter — a member resource for Club activities, as well as gardening, design, and environmental issues. Project Leader: Terri Breen.

  • Publish online Club reference information — the leadership team, the Club's calendar, competition schedules, and annual reports of the previous year's activities. Includes Club awards history, GCNJ, CAR-SGC, and NGC information, and a directory of current Membership. Project Leader: Sue Young, Karen Whitehaus, Floss O'Sullivan, and Committee Chairpeople.

  • Foster fellowship and share gardening knowledge through an Open Gardens program where Members open their gardens for visitation by the Membership and friends. Project Leader: Marilyn Zaret.

  • Coordinate meetings and celebrations throughout the year for Club members. Project Leader: Florence Sinofsky, Betty Murphy, and Committee Chairpeople.

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