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Triangle Gardens


Triangle Gardens are the raised planting beds along

Church Street and at the corner of Fullerton Avenue.

Members and provisionals plant in the spring and maintain through the summer and fall, turning downtown Montclair into an oasis taken for granted by residents and visitors. The Business Improvement District partners with the club, supplying funds and maintenance assistance during the growing season. 

Our dedicated group maintained the Triangle Gardens throughout another Covid summer. We had beautiful blooms (including cannas, vincas, spirea and the crowd pleaser giant elephant ears)—all weed and trash free! Even despite the Hamptons House demolition. 


We look forward to planting the spring tulip bulbs at the end of the month. Hoping some provisional members can join us then. 

November 8, 2022

Ten Garden Club members, including several enthusiastic provisionals "elected" to meet and quickly plant hundreds of tulip bulbs in the Church Street Planters on Election Day morning. A huge round of applause for Jamie Chase for preparing each planter with the patterned placement of tulip bulbs so that the actual planting was a breeze!

Betty Murphy, Co-Chair 

Summer 2021
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