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1,500 Bulbs and Ex-Elephant Ears

This year's climate change and supply chain issues worked out to extra bloom time for the Triangle Gardens workers. They removed the pink and white vincas and white astilbe on a brisk Saturday November 6 and hoped some provisionals could come for a weekend workdate. Sunday, Susan Yu's husband Matt gave a hand with some of the elephant ears.

Monday fortunately was a warm sunny morning for the group to plant 1,500 tulip bulbs and dig out the remaining large elephant ears and cannas (See photos below and—coming soon—full size photos on the Civic Beautification page.) Dylan and Christian from Montclair BID gave them a welcomed helping hand with the unwieldy elephant ears and bed turning.

Thanks so much to Lauren Zodel, Maggie Rothmann, Sheila Curry Oakes, Susan Benner, Wendy Stahl, Kathy Sorkin, and Maureen Sprong who joined Jamie, Betty and Susan Yu. These hard workers also were surprised by fresh, hot baguettes by the grateful French Dad bakery! A delicious finish!



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