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First Workshop of the Year

Click here to see notes from the workshop (members only).

From Allyn Young, one of our new provisionals attending her first workshop:

On Tuesday, September 12, at 5pm, Members of the garden club (of all experience levels!) got together for a wonderful workshop led by NGC accredited Master Flower Show Judge, Heidi Muschick.

We discussed everything from planning ahead (and planting ahead), how and when to condition and harvest your star bloom, tricks and tools, the best display techniques and supplies (many of which are provided by the club), and so much more!

Heidi was so generous with her knowledge and explained everything down to the smallest detail. You could feel everyone's excitement to be gathering together again for healthy competition (and as a beginner I felt very welcome and not as intimidated as I thought I would!)


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Barbara Baletti
Barbara Baletti
Sep 14, 2023

Our garden club at its best!

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