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Floral Design 102

Florence Leyssène and Debbie Moran held the second Flower Design workshop on Friday, October 27 to great enthusiasm and success. Approximately 15 club members ranging in experience from Advanced Plus to Provisional attended the workshop to put into practice concepts reviewed in the September first Flower Design workshop. Those concepts included the following:

Principles of Design: Balance; Contrast; Dominance; Proportion; Scale; Rhythm.

Elements of Design: Form; Color; Texture; Pattern; Size; Line; Light; Space.

Several brave members brought their own “work in progress” floral designs so that they could benefit from detailed coaching from Florence and Debbie as well as lively input and Q&As from the group. A wide range of floral arrangement styles were showcased, ranging from Petite, Cascade, Traditional Line, Creative Line, Traditional S Curve and Traditional Mass arrangements. The final results modified by Florence and Debbie were deserving of blue ribbons indeed and truly spectacular!

In addition to addressing design issues, Florence and Debbie displayed great patience in answering all sorts of questions from National Garden Club rules and definitions to mechanics and tricks for keeping plant material in place. By the end of the workshop and through their “experienced touches” they clearly demonstrated to the audience how a few adjustments following the principles and elements of design can turn great efforts in floral arranging into ribbon-worthy works of art!

Ana Moore, one of our new provisional members who attended both workshops, said:

“Florence and Debbie are excellent teachers and coaches! They are fun, patient, and bring a wealth of experience and talent! These two design workshops are all that anyone needs to jump into the monthly competitions, which include a starting category for Provisional members that is not judged and is absolutely no pressure."

She also shared some tips for fellow Newbies:

  1. Make sure you read the instructions for the Provisional category in the MGC manual at least a week ahead so you don’t show up with the wrong type of design. “American Traditional Mass" is a thing!

  2. Invest in new Oasis and do not recycle old used Oasis you found in your basement! You don’t want a flop of your “focal point” Monday morning!

  3. Use the conditioning packet that comes with your flowers 24 hours before making the arrangement. Flower arranging on a Sunday night with petal-less flowers or presenting wilted flowers with no “focal point" to the judges is not fun!

  4. Give as much thought to your choice of “container” as you give to your choice of flowers. Yes, it’s a “container", not a “vase”!

If you are interested in further sharpening your skills and winning those cherished ribbons please join Florence and Debbie on January 18 for their Point Scoring and Judges Comments Workshop.

Ana Moore, Provisional.

Florence Leyssène (l) and Debbie Moran share their knowledge and experience and, on the fly, modify works in progress to create the exquisite designs, below.



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