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Help! Volunteers Needed!

The Design Specialty Flower Show is rapidly approaching. While we have been working behind the scenes, the time has come to reach out for help from our membership. We are greatly hoping for as close to 100% participation as we can get as our show will be evaluated by The National Garden Club and club participation is key.

While we know you may not be interested in doing a flower design, there are still many ways to be involved for as little or as much time as you are able to give. See the job descriptions below and please join us in this wonderful event for our club and for the community.

The show will be held at Van Vleck House and Gardens. Set up will be on Thursday September 15th. Judging will be on Friday September 16th from 9:30 to Noon. The show will be open to the public from the 16th at 1pm and closes on Sunday the 18th at 2pm.

Docents: Docents will work 2-hour shifts during the course of the show. You are welcome to work as little as one shift or more, as your schedule permits. There will be two Docents positioned in each room of the Van Vleck House. Your responsibility will be to welcome guests as they enter the room, answer any questions they may have and of course remind people (if needed) not to touch the designs. Further instructions will be given prior to the show. If you are interested in being a Docent, please contact Betty Murphy by email or at 973-460-6531

Greeters: Greeters will sit at the front desk in the entry hall. You will welcome people to the show, give them a schedule and ask them to sign in. We will have a form which will enable you to keep a tally of visitors, ask them how they heard about the show (if they aren’t members of course), and welcome them to leave their email address for more information on the Garden Club of Montclair. Greeters will do 2-hour shifts and of course are welcome to do one or more shifts over the course of the show. Further instructions will be given prior to the show. If you are interested in being a Greeter, please contact Deborah Hirsch by email or or call 973-650-8211.

Clerks: Clerks are needed on Friday morning only to assist the judges. We will ask that you arrive at Van Vleck at 9:15 on Friday morning, the 16th of September in order to get your supplies and be assigned to a panel of Judges. There are three Judges in each panel and you will work with a partner. You will follow along with the judges while they are judging. Once they have finished you will attach the appropriate award to the entry card etc. Further instructions will be given prior to the show. If you are interested in Clerking please contact Amy South by email or call 201-602-1949 or Bob Chapman by email or 973-746-0965

Set up and/or Breakdown: The staging committee is looking for a few people to help with setting up the properties before the designers arrive with their pieces. Please arrive at Van Vleck at on Thursday September 15th at (time TBC) to help set up the pedestals etc. and ready the rooms for the show. Breakdown will be on Sunday the 18th after 2pm. You are welcome to do either Set up or Break down or both if your schedule allows. If you are interested in Set Up and/or Breakdown please contact Deborah Hirsch by email or call 973-650-8211.

Hospitality: There will be a luncheon served for the Judges after they have complete their work sometime around 12:30 to 1 held at the Woman’s Club of Upper Montclair. We need some help with set up and serving at the luncheon. There will be 3 round tables of 8 and we are in need of 3 small centerpieces for the tables. We are happy to reimburse you for the cost of the flowers and can supply containers if needed. If you are interested in helping with Hospitality please contact Janet Oscar by email or call 862-215-0017.

Thank you in advance for considering to join the club in making this event a success.

All the Best,

Cynthia Aitken and Barbara Baletti



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