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In Memoriam

Betty H. Lamborn

Betty Harris Lamborn

August 2, 1935 - September 17, 2022

Betty H. Lamborn passed away September 17, 2022. A longtime resident of Essex Fells and Montclair, she left a legacy of benevolence, philanthropy, loyalty, and kindness.

Born in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1935 to Betty Bloch and Wilmot L. Harris,she was called “Bubbles” by her father. Happy, fair, quietly competitive, and very observant, she lived a grand life, one that she cut out for herself, quietly. She attended The Holton Arms School and Briarcliff College. By 1957 she moved to New York City and earned the job of Assistant to the CEO of I. Miller shoes, headquartered in the Empire State Building, on the 82nd floor. Two things about this job changed her life. First, by accounts, she was the first female Director of Marketing and Public Relations of a major corporation in New York. Second, she was petrified of heights. Around this time, she met George Lamborn through their best friends, and the group hit the clubs and made their rounds. After marrying in 1959 they moved to Essex Fells, where they made their home and raised two daughters.

Betty’s active community life began. A member of Montclair Golf Club since 1959, she took it upon

herself to organize and “host” The Fourth of July festivities and other special events for many years. She also joined the Junior League of Montclair-Newark and began a storied career. First, she organized a grocery run project with members to drive with their children into downtown Newark during the riots and supervise the children as they delivered grocery bags of food to the local children. Next, Betty suggested a cookbook as a fundraiser. Entirely Entertaining, edited by Betty, Joan Crowther, and Patsy Coward, became the number one selling Junior League cookbook in the country at that time. Its first printing was in 1968, and it was printed into the 1980s. In 1974 she and Joan edited and published Fifteen Affairs to benefit the Essex Fells PTA.

In 1991 she joined The Garden Club of Montclair. Awarded Emeritus Status in 2019, she served on the Board of Trustees as well as on many committees until 2016 when her illness intervened. For 25 years she gave generously of her talents as a cook, hostess, connoisseur of food, and cookbook writer. She had a natural flair for creating ingenious ideas for events to raise money for the benefit of the Club and the community. It was a love and passion of hers to create events that were fun, memorable and profitable... and of course beautiful. Among her events, Ways and Means contributions, and much more, she edited a third cookbook for The Garden Club, Whisk Right In.

Her daughters, Elizabeth (Lisa) Lamborn Adams and Shelly L. Lamborn survive her, as do her

siblings, Mike, Jessie, and Randy Harris, as well as many, many nieces, and nephews. She is also survived by Dora Casas, her 55 year-long confidant, aide, and dear friend, and by Mitzi Benoit, her adored companion and nurse. She loved her life-long friends from all over the world. May we all share her grace and compassion for others.

She is hosting her last luncheon at The Montclair Golf Club on October 27, at 11 a.m. Garden Club

friends who wish to celebrate Betty’s life are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Lisa by October 20, text or cellphone (404) 556-1914. Condolences may be sent to Lisa at 256 Harding Place, Belle Meade, TN 37205. In lieu of flowers please consider donations to The Garden Club of Montclair.



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