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Kids and Tulips

On two sunny, crisp days during the first week of November, the Youth committee teamed with students and staff from Deron school to plant tulips at Mountainside Hospital and with students and staff from Montclair High's Community Based Instruction Program to plant tulips at the Park Street YMCA. Both sessions were great fun for the students and their GCM instructors Sue Straten, Nancy Foster, Allyn Young, Donna Karanja, and Celia Radek.   

The Youth committee is  grateful to Deron School teachers Patricia Schmidt and Jennifer Dugdale , MHS teacher Leslie Wallace, Mountainside, YMCA's volunteer manager Jen Grisafi,  and Mountainside's volunteer coordinator Grettl Muscato for helping  plan these sessions and to May in Montclair Tulip Project Chair Celia Radek for toting bins of tulips to each site and guiding us in the dos and don'ts of bulb planting. We're eager to see the results next bloom season!



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