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Last Competition of the Year

The April entries from members and provisionals continued the dramatic increase in numbers of entries this year as well as the quality of those creations. The Botanical Arts section has taken off, and we are looking forward to the new committee next year. Clearly we are pretty much the best and most exciting garden club in the country.

We should also thank the committees who enabled this abundance of beauty. Not only Flower Design and Horticulture, but the well-attended Workshops with their excellent teachers, especially Florence Leyssène and Debbie Moran among many others, and the equally well-attended Programs with their inspirational lecturers.

And how can we not mention Hospitality? They are present from early in the morning until the last person is leaving Union Cong. They feed and water the judges and members like the delicate flowers that they and we are, Thank you Michele and Betty, for everything you do.

See the results of the April entries, below.


Class 1: Hogarth Curve for Provisionals

Class 2: Freedom of Style Using some Tropicals

Class 3: Transparency Design


Class 4: Jewelry


Class 2A

1. Sarah Olson

2. Barb Baletti

Class 2B

1. Floss O'Sullivan

2. Suzy Straten

3. Sheila Curry Oakes


Class 1: Muscari and Class 2: Narcissi

Class 3: Tulipa, Class 4: Other flowering bulbs, corms and tubers, Class 5: Flowering perennials

Class 6: Flowering branches

and of course Susan Dumont's lovely centerpiece for the tea table.

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