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Make Your Own Terrarium!

We’re offering a do-it-yourself terrarium workshop in person. Come to 60 South Fullerton Thursday 2/24/22 for the 10am or 12:30pm session. Debbie Moran will help you create an indoor garden, create an ingenious gardening tool, and provide advice for maintaining your terrarium.

Bring a glass container with at least a 6” opening. (Good sources include: Cedar Grove Garden Center, Crate & Barrel, or Ikea.) Purchase a kit onsite (3 plants for $15 or 5 plants for $20), which will have everything you need.

Only 6 spots remain, so please RSVP by 2/14/22 to Floss O'Sullivan. Proof of vaccination and masks onsite are kindly requested. Click the start button of the video, below, to spark your interest!

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