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March Competition Results

The exhibits this March showed why this Club is going from strength to strength. Whether it was the superb quality of the flower designs, the wild imagination of the botanical arts creations or the sheer abundance of spring's lush horticutural specimens, everything simply sang.

At right, Sarah Olson's sweet tea table decoration, and below, the winners in each category as well as Brenda Bingham's astonishing two-sided design.

Flower Design

Novice 1st: Karen Fricke 2nd: Olga Bequillard 3rd: Kathy Bachmann

Intermediate 1st: Deb Hirsch, 2nd: Marie Donnelly

Advanced 1st: Floss O'Sullivan 2nd: Barbara Baletti 3rd: Carol Callahan

Advanced Plus 1st: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken 2nd: Sarah Stransky

Trial Run Karen Fricke (critiqued only)

Botanical Arts


1st: Michele Tomasik

2nd: Karen Fricke

3rd: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

HM: Fran Ackerly


The Shoe class (all entries with the two firsts at top shown below) was divided by the judges into a ‘dress’ shoe group and a more ‘casual/informal’ shoe group, as there were nine entries total:

The other winners in no particular order ....

‘Dress’ Shoe group

1st:  Floss O’Sullivan

2nd: Michele Tomasik

3rd:  Fran Ackerly

HM: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

HM: Jacoba Coes


“Casual/Informal” Shoe group

1st:  Karen Fricke

2nd: Cheryl Slutzky

3rd:  Marilyn Zaret

HM: Barbara Baletti


First Place—TIE: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken/Kathy Bachmann

Second Place: Celia Radek

Third PlaceL Maureen Sprong


Brenda Bingham created this dramatic two-sided design.


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The talent in our club is unsurpassed.

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