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Rocky Mountain High Open Garden

OPEN GARDEN of Brigitte Padberg

Sunday, May 5, 2024.  3:00 - 7:00

High on the hill that rises above the Iris Garden is a secret place that unfolded to our gardeners three years ago.  Do NOT miss this one: an interactive experience so perfect for the brave and athletic among you.


When a humble Brigitte mentioned that she had built terraces on the rocky hill behind her home and was awaiting the spring bloom of her azaleas, nothing could have been more of an understatement. This Rocky Mountain High rises several stories to join the cliff edge of Mills Reservation and Brigitte alone spent 10 years reassembling those rocks to form a series of winding terraces complete with resting and lookout stops. A clear view of the Manhattan skyline caps this breathtaking experience.


With a salute to native gardening, Brigitte treasures her perennials and shrubs that accent her vivid yellow house and welcomes the families of wildlife who also enjoy terrace hopping. Come to climb or just to gasp and wear sturdy shoes. Friends are welcome.


If poor weather makes it necessary to postpone,  an email will be sent the day before the Open Garden event.


Coordinator: Marilyn Zaret (



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