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Something New in Flower Design

The Flower Design Committee is trying a new design schedule format for this year. See this website or the Yearbook for full schedule details.

Except for the Provisional class, designs will no longer be grouped by the designers’ levels. Much like a formal Flower Show, there will now be four different design classes.

The Flower Design Division will have three classes. One class is limited to Provisionals only and will be critiqued not judged. The other two classes will be open to Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Advanced Plus designers and will be judged. There will be a limit of six entries per class.

The Botanical Arts Division will have one class, either Botanical Arts Design or Botanical Arts Artistic Craft. This class will be open to all design levels and it will be judged. There is a limit of six entries.

This new format gives designers a choice of design type and style each month. It also gives designers more opportunity to try designs that previously were not open to them. Most of all, have fun designing!

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