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The World of Insects

Painted lady on milkweed
Painted lady on milkweed

Once again Jacoba Coes has been scouring the internet for timely and important conversations about what is happening to the world around us. This month she is focusing on the world of insects, and everything affected by them.

She ran across a beautifully illustrated article on the Reuters website, entitled "The collapse of insects," published on Dec. 2, 2022. “Insects are the food that make all the birds and make all the fish,” said entomologist David Wagner, quoted in the article. “They’re the fabric tethering together every freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem across the planet.

She also points us to a great follow up to the stark information delivered by the Reuters article, a TED talk by Rebecca McMackin called "Let your garden grow wild." Don't miss what this ecologically obsessed horticulturist has to say about public and private gardens. You will be inspired.



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